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Recycle me is a design proposal to benefit human organ donation. The idea of the proposal is t-shirt prints and jewellery in the shape of human organs. By wearing a t-shirt or jewellery people will make a pro-donation statement.

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2020-01-09 12:21
Från [email protected] (Pamela Lindgren Design)

We had the privilege of meeting Elise Nordin to talk about research and organ donation. Read our interview with Elise below, and please share it to raise awareness about organ donation! In the photo, Elise is wearing RECYCLE ME’s T-shirt for organ donation awareness. Thank you, Elise, for participating and sharing your thoughts. Organ donation concerns us all. Your choice matters – together we can save lives!

- Who are you and where do you live? Would you like to say something about your background and family, and your friends?
My name is Elise Nordin. I come from Luleå originally but currently I'm living in Gothenburg. I have studied several things and one of them is nursing. I worked for several years as a nurse. The work experiences I’ve gained have shown me how organ donation has the potential to save lives and reduce suffering for people and their loved ones.

- What inspires you as a person and in your profession as a researcher?
People who inspire me are those with a positive and passionate attitude. That gives me the feeling that everything is possible. Being able to develop and explore a field also inspires me since it always turns out there is more to learn, as well as building on the knowledge acquired and continuing to explore.

- Can you tell us something about your research study?
I’m doing a PhD at Chalmers University of Technology at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology where I want to try to develop more personalized nutritional advice with the help of molecular methods. I have conducted a human intervention trial with people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). With the help of biological samples, we are investigating the possibility to get objective markers of the health response to food intake and to be able to predefine a health response.

- What motivates you as a person and as a researcher?
I find motivation in contributing something meaningful, doing something that has the potential to benefit people. What also motivates me is working with motivated and inspiring people. Being in a good atmosphere is one of the most motivating factors for me.

- Why have you chosen to take part in the RECYCLE ME movement for organ donation?
When I got to hear about RECYCLE ME I felt it was a really good initiative. Awareness about organ donation must increase. Better general knowledge is necessary to help people to make a decision which could save lives. There is a lot of work to do in this area and RECYCLE ME is making a great contribution to awareness and research.